How Your FAQs Help You Create Great Content

When we talk about the Seven Types of Content, one key type is to ask questions. You’re designing your content to kick off a conversation and ask the audience something about them or their views.

It’s effective because people love talking about themselves, what they know or believe, and what they want or need. It’s really an awesome way to show you care and figure out what topics your future content should include.

But there’s another kind of content where questions matter so much for coming up with great content ideas…you need to answer questions for your people.

Answering people’s questions gives you a really, really deep well of content that does the best thing for content to do: Solve problems for the people you want to help. 

Solving people’s problems helps them find you when they’re looking for answers. It helps them see how you can take them from A to B. It gives them clarity. It builds trust.

All good, powerful things for your copy to do, right?

That means you need to start compiling a list of your FAQs. 

I’m sure you can list 2 or 3 off the top of your head. That’s great, start there. 

But I promise there are more.

Here’s how to brainstorm a longer list. 

Take some time to think through each of these and jot down everything that comes to mind. (Don’t worry, you can always just delete the ones that aren’t that great, but don’t censor them at first.)

  • What do people ask the most?
  • What do they need to know to start caring about what you do?
  • What terms or steps do you have to clarify in multiple ways?
  • What things do people often get easily confused with each other?
  • What terms or concepts do people need defined the most?
  • Are there certain questions people need at later stages in learning about what you do? What questions are specific to your different levels of customers?
  • What sets you apart from other solutions in your industry?
  • What’s the long-term impact of how you help people?
  • What’s the long-term impact that can happen if people don’t get help from you?
  • What misconceptions are most common when people first think about buying something like what you sell?
  • What problem do people often think they’re having that’s actually caused by something else?
  • What do people ask right before they realize they want what you sell?

Once you have a list of all the kinds of questions your audience is (or should be) asking the most, you can answer them. The really essential ones should go in an FAQ section on your site somewhere. 

Those answers can also be turned into incredibly powerful, persuasive, and helpful content for your blogs, videos, posts, podcasts, and more.

You want to end up with topics that are simple and clear, like:

  • How to —-?
  • ⁣Why —-?⁣
  • What’s next —-?⁣
  • What else —-?⁣
  • Which —-?⁣

So next time you’re looking for more ideas for your content strategy, answer some questions. If you use these prompts, you should have a nice long list of ideas.

But like everything with planning your content, don’t let a long list stop you! Tackle one or two at a time. Progress over everything.

Give it a try! Record a simple story, type up a quick tip, send something out there and see who it helps.

Final Tip

Don’t forget, you’ll want to save each answer you pull together in your content vault, don’t just send it out on different platforms. Your content is a huge asset for your business, both right now and as something you can tap into in the future. 

If you’d love to get some help with your company's content creation, let’s talk! ⁣⁣

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And don’t worry…building up some support for your business’ content and marketing doesn’t mean you have to sound like everyone else, either. 

Trust me, we’ve got it worked out so that what matters to you and your crew and what makes what you do unique is still going to come across in an authentic and effective way.

⁣⁣(In fact, we’re pretty good at this. So it will probably be even better than when you have to cram it into yet another overly packed to-do list.)⁣⁣

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