finally cross those blogs and emails off your to-do list... less than 15 minutes each week.

(No writers block required! You don't even have to type.)

finally cross those blogs and emails off your to-do list... less than 15 minutes each week.

(No writers block required! You don't even have to type.)

Sound exactly like what you need? Click to skip ahead to the short version and a big shiny button. 

text that says "Consistently creating magnetic content works." The word magnetic fades to engaging, then compelling, then powerful, then irresistible, then relatable, intentional, skilled, actionable, authentic, on-brand, captivating, useful, clever, thorough, enchanting, creative, informative, moving, aligned, handy, stellar, enticing, unique, charming, optimized, can't-miss, intelligent, brave, applicable, funny, inspiring, clear, genuine, expert, passionate, original, significant, up-to-date, insightful, purposeful, convincing, practical, humorous, searchable, uplifting, generous, sharable, influential, personal, strategic, valuable, persuasive, and back to magnetic

It helps your business connect with, educate, and encourage your community, drive real growth in meaningful ways, and get your whole crew excited about clicking "buy now."

It's also kind of a pain.

Which means you may:

  • Create new blogs and emails like clockwork...but hate how it eats up the clock. You would so much rather spend the time on work you love instead.
  • Feel like whenever you sit down to write, you either have a thousand ideas that all sound kind of the same, or you’ve got nothing. No clue what they would want to read. 
  • Not like writing. Thanks, but no thanks. What other options are there?

There's really a long list of reasons why tackling blogs and emails may feel like a heck of a process. The most likely one? You have a million other things on your plate. 

Most clients we talk to have a long list of places they could show up and share content...but honestly, they'll be lucky if they get the time to handle even a few by the end of the day. Even when they manage to do it all, it gets tiring fast.

Want another option? That's us!

We'll write your blogs and emails every week. And they'll work.

Meet the...

Copy Brewers Logo with colorful drops

Weekly Content Marketing for Experts, leaders, and Entrepreneurs.

Copy Brewers puts our copywriting and tech team in your back pocket, ready to write your blogs and emails and get them out into the world to connect with your people.

It’s not a complicated and secretive process or a magical trendy solution. 

It's our very own system built on solid marketing strategy, phenomenal writing, and a team made up of the right pros to make it happen.

Deliberately effective. Blissfully efficient.

How it works: 1. Welcome Call - We layout a clear strategy and build your content vault. 2. Monthly Plan - We help pick topics to match your goals. 3. Make Your video - You create a short weekly video. 4. Copy Creation - We write a blog and email on your topic. 5. Publish and send - We shine them up and get them out to the world.
How it works: 1. Welcome Call - We layout a clear strategy and build your content vault. 2. Monthly Plan - We help pick topics to match your goals. 3. Make Your video - You create a short weekly video. 4. Copy Creation - We write a blog and email on your topic. 5. Publish and send - We shine them up and get them out to the world.

And you use the video on your social media, too! 

We'll teach you a simple and effective routine to share it to about 7-10 different spots in just a few extra minutes. We combine the video and the writing on purpose. Different forms of content on multiple platforms reinforce important topics and build impact over time.



This isn't hiring someone to do a little writing and hoping everything else falls into place. 

We help you nail down your overall messaging and get your content organized, help with outlining your marketing strategy from month to month, have lots of live sessions, resources, and a team all created to make sure you have the support and accountability you need to finally feel in control of your content creation.

The best part is that great content creation makes your other marketing and sales to-dos easier and more effective, too!

What you Get:

  •  A Copy Brewers crew member who's there for you, your strategy, and your account. Think accountability, support, and customer service all rolled into one helpful expert. They're there to keep things running smoothly and help you and the team stay on top of goals and to-dos.
  • Content Creation Power Hours and weekly Q&A sessions. Daily times on the calendar for co-working, encouragement, and brainstorming with us and other business owners. We want to make things simple and consistent for you!
  • A content vault that you can turn to for ideas any time, anywhere. We believe simple, intentional, and consistent messaging gets the job done...but we know from experience that isn't always easy in day-to-day life. Our custom Trello Content Creation System keeps all your topics, brainstorms, notes, prompts, and past content in one place so you can create, repurpose, and delegate easier than ever. We’ll even help you fill it up!
  • Clear strategy for all of your regular content. We'll help you build monthly and long-term content plans so you know exactly what to say and where to say it when you log on. They'll be things you love, that your crew wants to hear, and that work with your new blogs and emails to get results.
  • And most importantly: Totally done-for-you blogs and emails by a team of pros. We’ll do it all; copywriting, call-to-actioning, editing, posting, segmenting, and sending. And we always have at least two sets of eyes on every piece of copy we work on...we’re serious about getting things right.

None of your marketing happens in a bubble. It all has to work together, and we built Copy Brewers with that in mind. 

That's why the process moves from content strategy, to intentional time for creation, to analysis and follow up, and then back again. It creates weekly content that supports your current goals, aims at your future vision, and adds to your long-term assets, all at once.

We do want to make your to-do list shorter for you (and we will)...but the real end goal is to make your business grow!

If you clicked the "skip ahead and let's do this!" earlier, you're here! So let's recap...

we write your weekly blogs and emails.

All you need to do is record a simple 5-10 minute weekly video.

Then our team of copywriters and tech pros write and publish strategic, can't-miss content that connects you with your audience and gets your business results.

This isn't about being just another COPYWRITING SERVICE.

We believe in our process. And you.

Even if you're not sure what to talk about, don't do video, or are wondering how you're supposed to fit another thing into your schedule, it's ok! We know. That's exactly why Copy Brewers exists in the first place...and we've got you covered.

You get our whole team and community in your back pocket. Monthly content planning, weekly accountability support, and daily co-working sessions are all there when you want them. 

You get the tools, systems, know-how, and support to focus on the parts of your work that need your particular brand of genius, while we take care of the rest.

No managing freelancers in your "spare" time. No worrying about finding time  and energy to write and share content, again. No more praying the social media winds won't change at the worst possible moment and burst your whole pipeline.

If you're tired of spinning your wheels, wondering how to turn all that impressive expertise in your head into actual content that gets the right people clicking at all the right times...

(Or even if you're just tired.)

Let us help!

Choose the right one for you to get started:

Weekly blogs and emails written and published for you, a clear strategy, and all the support. 

We'll kick off with a personal strategy call and a custom content vault.

Then you'll have access to DAILY co-working, weekly accountability, marketing Q&A, monthly content planning, and our own workflows and systems.

Everything you need to make your content marketing easier and more effective than ever! 

And you've got a team you can count on for the long run.

(New monthly clients kick off with a 3 month commitment.)

All the copy, perks, and support of the monthly package, with a powerful side of $1700 in savings.

Not to mention you'll rest easy knowing your content's handled for a whole year!

BONUS: The New Lore "Funnel Overhaul Sessions" virtual retreat in October. (Which is a $1250 ticket!)

It's 2 days to get clear on which parts of your content and systems are working, which aren't, and what to add to drive profit and growth.

It's a roadmap for businesses determined to change the narrative in their industry, so you can supercharge your content creation and pipeline.


Like what you're hearing but want to dive into some more details?

What’s the writing process like? Can you really write in my voice?

Once a month, you’ll check in with your CB content pro about strategy. We help you pick topics to focus on that are designed to fit what you’re focused on growing or selling.

Each week, you’ll create a video or audio recording about a topic. It doesn’t have to be perfect! Just talk to your audience the way you would if they were in the room with you. We have scripts and resources to help pull together your thoughts and make videos people can’t wait to watch, too.

You can make the video on your own time or join one of the co-working sessions to make sure it makes it on your calendar. Either way, once your video is done, we get to work. 

We’ll turn the content into a blog post and an email within 3-5 days (they’ll be similar, but with different formatting, language adjustments, and any other needed changes), handle the proofreading, uploading, posting, segmenting, scheduling, and make sure they go live on the right day. You’ll have an opportunity to review everything and ask for revisions, if you want it.

We know that getting "your voice" right is one of the absolute biggest hang ups when it comes to business owners delegating writing. That's a big part of why our writing process works the way it does with the videos. First, you get more usable content and you get to avoid submitting endless creative briefs that take almost as much typing as just doing it yourself. 

Second, we are able to write in your voice so effectively because we literally have the content already expressed - in your voice - when we start our work to bring it to life in written form. It just works magic! No matter how we swear by our writing prowess, we know the best way for us to show you is to show we'd love for you to give us a try! 

How is this different than hiring a vA or a freelance copywriter?

We love VAs and freelance copywriters! Many of our team were/are in that industry, and the freedom the freelance and creative community has created for people is so important. 

We’ve formed this crew because companies and gig workers often need more predictability...but they don’t want to lose the flexibility and freedom, either. 

Because we all work as a team, our clients know that their weekly content and great customer service is going to be there and is going to be create. At the same time, creatives at Copy Brewers get support, fair pay, less stress, predictable work, and the ability to take a vacation or a sabbatical without worrying about losing their retainer work or pulling all-nighters so their clients aren’t left high and dry.

We take care of each other, all the way around. We think that shows in the experience and quality our clients get, too! The other HUGE difference is that this isn’t just about the copy showing up in your inbox. It’s a whole system built to support your content marketing strategy. 

We’re there for co-working and reminders to make sure you have space and time to create, workflows to make life easier, and strategy sessions to make sure your content lineup fits your audience and your goals. Plus, we have a team of tech and admin pros getting everything lined up and out the digital door for you once it’s done. 

It’s all about finding what fits your business’s needs and growth plans.

Can I just order blog posts or emails separately?

We’re actually working on an app to provide an AI-supported à la carte copywriting service!

But it’s a ways off...and it’s really not the same product, either! This is a whole long-term plan for a cohesive content marketing strategy that sticks with your business as it grows.

If you’ve got a one-time copywriting project you need handled by our team in the meantime, you can get in touch with us here.

How long is the contract?

You're able to choice the monthly or annual option, but we do require a 3-month commitment for new monthly clients.

Why? It means our team can set aside extra time and love for all of our newest clients to get their projects up and running in the best and smoothest way possible! Good systems need to be built. This also includes a 2 week 1-on-1 onboarding process before your first paid content! 

And it’s really important to us to create a better and fairer job market for freelancers, writers, and creatives. That means having an agreement that provides a bit of predictability. Consistency allows us to give our clients a crew of top-notch writers they know they can rely on for the long run. 

After the first three months, you’re able to cancel any time before your next month’s payment. We’re pretty confident you won’t want to, though!

How much money will this add to my sales?

We really can't predict that part! Content marketing is part of your whole sales system, and the potential for profit depends a lot on audience size, offer, and margins. You need your foundation there and your offers validated. 

Once you have that, you can look at your numbers for audience reach, conversion rates, and the profit you’re making now to set some reasonable goals.

If you’re making $3000 a month, you could see bumps to $4100, $6500, $12500, etc...but hitting $950,000 by the end of the year without a very comprehensive growth strategy and paid traffic would be tough. On the other hand, if you’re easily clearing $23,000 a month, there’s more room for quick expansion. 

Either way, though, upping your content marketing results should help you grow more and stress less! What would it do for your business to add 2-3 more clients each month? Double your conversions? Reach 10x as many people. All goals, all possible, but they need to make sense for you and your business. 

If you need help figuring out whether this is viable for you, reach out on our contact page. We’ll help you run possible numbers and make a no-pressure decision. We’d always rather help someone grow with the right thing at the right time. It’s better for you, less stress for us, and generally the right way to do business.

How fast will I get results?

Results like clearer strategy, easier workflows, consistent content creation, and a whole lot less stress will be all yours in just a couple weeks! Increases in sales may take a bit longer, because it depends a lot on your current reach, your offer, and your sales process. 

We usually recommend improving your content marketing for 3+ months before you need to make a big push. Businesses usually can see results before that, though, and it builds over time. 

It’s a bit like planting a can’t go backward, but you can always start now! Waiting to create content until a “better” time rarely helps. Besides, we’re a fun crew and we’d love to get to know you and help you build this movement of yours.

PS - If you need an immediate win to bring in a cash boost for an opportunity, emergency, or just because you want to, this probably isn’t it. Make a list of ideas, follow up on past leads personally, asking for referrals, run a special promo or event, or looking at how you can support a current happy customer on another level. We believe in you and are here cheering you on! Business is all about riding ebbs and flows and making it work.

Then come on back here so that we can help you create a content marketing system that makes the need to ramp up sales on short notice a whole lot less likely or difficult 😉

*Please note - The monthly content creation kicks off after a two week 1-on-1 onboarding and strategy process that's included as a bonus in your initial sign up. We're here to do this right, and we've put the time and systems together to make sure that happens as you're welcomed into the Copy Brewers crew.

I already post on social. Is content marketing really worth it?

Well, you can do marketing a lot of ways. But we think the answer is yes for businesses who are serious about building a platform as a trusted expert in their industry, creating a community, and setting their foundations in a part of the internet they own.

Whether you’re a mover and shaker with a knack for going viral, or you would love to throw all of your logins in a deep digital vault, never to be seen need your own platform.

We just get a bit nervous basing a whole company’s marketing strategy and income on whatever hashtag the head honchos of tech and cute cat video curation have decided to give the most internet points right then, you know?

Bottom line, all those ads, posts, and hashtags are a great way to connect with and grow your crew, but they aren't there for any of our benefit. We’re all playing their game and that’s always going to be focused on their own profit. 

Content marketing is an asset. It’s there long-term and is easily repurposed, shared, and linked to. It builds your SEO. You are in control of it, you're reaching an audience that is yours, and you know they’re there on purpose.

The best part? The dollars spent on blogs and emails consistently have the highest return on investment (as in 6x other methods). So you build something that lasts, and you feed your profit goals at the same time. 

It’s not either/or! Compelling blogs and emails will help turn those social media eyeballs you work so hard for into customers.

That's why we recommend using the platforms you don’t control, like social, to support strategies for the ones you do, like your blog or email list.

Is this a good fit for businesses like mine?

Most likely! Any business that has an audience that consumes information about topics related to their products can build a good content strategy...and that's just about any business. 

Content gives people a way to find you, it gives them information they need to decide to buy, and it builds a library of resources you can use across all levels of your marketing and sales process to connect with the right leads at the right times. If you need lead generation, this is a tool that can work wonders.

Numbers to look at when deciding if it's the right time to delegate content creation: 

  • How much profit are you losing during the hours you spend tackling this all solo, instead of doing things only you can do? 
  • What sales could come in from reaching new leads and current clients more often and more effectively? 
  • How will it impact your sales when you launch that big project in 4 months and your audience hasn't heard from you?
  • Does this make sense for your profit and growth strategy in the long run?
  • How much stress does content creation (or the lack of it) it add to your work days?

Who it may not be for:

  • New companies who aren't actively selling and are still getting clear on their overall message and audience. You need to know who you're talking to and what you want them to do and have a website to put content on. 
  • Passive income business owners who want to be completely hands off. This is bottling your brilliance, not replacing your input. We have some clients batch a month or two at a time, which works fabulously, but you'll still need to create.
  • - IMPORTANT - We believe in ethical marketing, quality products, good service, fair employment, working toward equality and social justice, and building community. We won't write content that's in conflict with those values, and we make that call as a team. We do love to work with companies and individuals growing their reach in a way that brings everyone along for the ride!

The Copy Brewers process is particularly powerful for:

  • People who are doing business as experts, leaders, teachers, coaches, course creators, and innovators in their industry. 
  • Businesses who find themselves answering a lot of the same questions over and over before people are ready to buy.
  • Creatives, writers, content creators, performers, activists, and organizations with a unique and important message to share.

Marketing, business, and the world change constantly. Content you own and people who come connect with you on your own digital turf is one of the safest, simplest, and most effective ways to make sure you can make it work no matter what else is going on out there.

If information is impact in your world and you could use a hand sharing more of it...we're your crew!

Sounds amazing. How do I get started?

Now that's an exciting question! Just click here, pick the option that makes sense for you and your business, and then give yourself a high five from us!

You'll enter your details, book your onboarding strategy call, and we'll get things started! We're looking forward to it. 

Pretty great, right? 

Now we have a question for you...

Ready to get started?

Hey there!

Since we're here at the bottom of the page together...

This is me popping in to say hi and let you know that there's a real person who typed every one of the words you just read (thank you for that, by the way).

I know work flows, content writing, and finding people you want to work with can be a process that seems like it may never click into place. I've been through the same growing pains as a business owner, and I get it.

So I wanted you to know I'm here, and so is a wonderful team of copywriters, marketers, and tech whizs I get to work with. We love being knee-deep in topic outlines, calls-to-action, segmenting, calendars, and pouring out your business's soul so your crew finds what they need to hear from you at precisely the right time.

It's our job is to create and implement the marketing strategy and systems to get you out of the lackluster cycle of business-as-usual, so you can focus on doing good work that makes a difference and a profit.

When amazing clients struggled to create blogs and emails in a way that built a community, shared their message, and set up a sustainable marketing foundation, we knew we needed to create a solution.

Because even though it sounds like a tall order, you can create consistent, engaging, action-inspiring content that follows a clear strategy and gets all the right people paying attention.

And we built Copy Brewers so you don't have to do it alone. 


I've got my fingers and toes crossed we get to work on some blogs and emails with you soon! If you're ready, just click here and grab what fits best for you.